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Important Stock Information

-The Cross is discontinued and no longer available for wholesale


Recent retailer news

Here you will find recent news that went out in our retailer newsletter incase you missed it


Exciting!!! Order & Pricing update (February 16th 2017)

We have some great news for all of you!  The sales of our new fabric and prints have been amazing and the comments from you and some of your customers have made us so thankful to be working with you!

We know that some of you are excited as well about the new prints coming (More on this in a bit). But we also know that for some of our smaller stores the 15 minimum quantity makes it hard to order select prints.  Because of this we are announcing 2 exciting updates that start today!

1. Minimum quantity has now been reduced to 10 OVers total!
2. Pricing structure is being changed!

  • Old Pricing 15-50qty = $27.50     -   New Pricing 10-25qty $27.50
  • Old Pricing 50+ = $25                 -   New Pricing 25+ $25

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the pricing structure.

Thank you again for being an OVer retailer and supporting our Canadian made product and business! 

New Spring 2017 Collection

The OVer company Spring 2017 Collection is available now for pre-order!  These will be expecting to ship the first week of March.  We are asking for pre-orders as we want to make sure to get your orders out to you before our shipping shuts down for a week during March for our west coast OVer pop-ups(March 9-16).

*Please note that all pre-order orders will ship together when the prints are released. If you require some of your order to be shipped before the pre-orders please add a note to the order and we can separate and create two shipments. 



New OVers Available Now

You have all been waiting so patiently and now they are available for pre-order! We are excited to bring to you the bold red of the Classic Plaid, our signature 2 inch black and white stripe now redesigned in our favourite cotton blend named the Legacy Stripe and our very own Pantone Solids in Zane Grey and Soft Serene. The fabric blend has been specifically chosen for its softness and perfect stretch, and we are thrilled to have secured our own manufacturer now so we have full control of the quality, fabric blend and now all the prints will be exclusive to the OVer company bringing you the trendiest colours and designs each season. These OVers are our year-round weight which is perfect for keeping babe warm during the colder months and cool in the warm weather.

We know you will love the Classic Collection and we can hardly wait to see you #getyourOVeron !  

The Libby Stripe becomes The Legacy Stripe

The Libby Stripe, the best selling OVer to date and a staple in the image of the OVer company.   Since we will be updating this print to our new fabrics (Cotton/Spandex) We will be renaming The Libby Stripe to The Legacy Stripe.  This will help with the transition to the new fabrics and will help in both inventory (with a new UPC) and also in customer expectation as it is a new OVer.



New Fabric

This past year has been amazing, but has come with some challenges.  Starting the business from our home, we did not anticipate the challenge of getting fabric in consistently in the quality and quantity we needed.  Our business grew and our suppliers could not handle the demand we needed for the amount of fabric in specific prints and fabric content.  This caused delays in our fabric coming in, limited choices for our patterns, inconsistent pricing, and sometimes backorders.   

For the past 5 months, we have been working hard to secure our own fabric manufacturer.  We are excited to have our first order of exclusive fabric coming in the beginning of January(3 new OVers, plus the New Libby Stripe in Cotton).   Our second shipment will arrive in February and will include 3 new prints plus the Alto Stripe in cotton.  Although our polyester and rayon OVers have sold well,  a majority of our customers have told us that the cotton OVers are their favourite (as it is also our favourite!) and wished all of our prints came in that fabric.  Because of this we have decided for now to have all OVers produced in this fabric which will be consistent for customers and consistent for pricing for you as a retailer.  All pricing will be at the lower tier of $27.50/$25.00.  

During this time we may have a limited stock of some OVers as we discontinue some prints and await new shipments.  Please check our retailer section on our website for any information regarding stock before placing your orders.

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