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Grace + Parker - Pram Garland

Grace + Parker


Made with safety in mind, our garlands are made from food grade FDA-approved silicone, raw european beech wood beads/rings, and double strung with nylon cord. 

All of our Garland are:

  • Double strung with nylon cord and feature a strong concealed knot.
  • Approx 47cm long from knot to knot (not including the additional ribbon for tieing off)
  • Made using 100% Food Grade Silicone
  • Feature the soothing rattle sounds of our raw european beech wood beads/rings
  • Finished off with grosgrain ribbon, which can be tied to your pram/stroller for hours of endless play

Please remember:

Although our Garlands are made to comply with the necessary toy/teething standards, please ensure that they are only used while attached to a pram/stroller, and not used as a standalone teething accessory. Supervision is recommended at all times!

Wood care:

All of our wood products come to you in a raw state. We highly recommend treating the wood with any food grade oil to prolong the life, especially with the potential to be in contact with water periodically.

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