What does Pre-Launch Mean?

The OVer Company started almost 5 years ago at our kitchen table, and ironically it's where we sit today as I write this. When this business started, it grew more than we ever could have anticipated. The incredible support of our customers worldwide, with a largely Canadian customer base, has made it 100000% possible for our brand to grow to where we’re at today. This 5 year journey has been entirely self-funded with the help of our amazing customers and retail partners worldwide. To say we are thankful is an understatement. Your support has allowed us to grow our team, design and bring in new fabrics exclusive to The OVer Company, broaden our product selection and now expand The OVer Company styles, sizes and products with our Sleepover collection, created for the entire family! You guys have been asking, we’ve listened and we are delivering! In order for us to produce this collection in 4 different pieces, offered in a wider range of sizes, with different print + colourway selection - we need your help!! In placing our first Sleepover order, there is a significant cost to have this collection come to us. Our pre-launch ordering begins May 15th at 10am est and your purchase of our preorders will help us fund the production of these beautiful sleepwear pieces - having them available to you for Fall 2020.

By pre-ordering you are guaranteed the lowest price you will ever find for the Sleepover pieces. Your order will be first in line for sending out shipments, when the products become available this fall. If the sizes you had originally anticipated have changed, you will get first selection to making that adjustment prior to shipment. We would love if you would join alongside us in helping us make the Sleepover collection happen. We cannot wait to see you coordinate + mix and match in the softest, most comfortable sleepwear line. It would mean the world to us to have your support on this and are continually thankful for what you've all given our brand in these past almost 5 years!

With extreme gratitude,
Sabrina + Michael Maulucci
Founders, The OVer Company

Sleepover FAQ's

Why Sleepover??
Sleepover was an idea that came from what we wanted for our own family! Our last baby was born when we carried only the OVer covers, so we haven't used our own products with our children for a long time now! The amazing, loyal customers The OVer Company has had for the past five years, have also grown their families alongside ours. The constant requests coming in from them for us to create something for "bigger kids" has been on our mind for some time now.

The transition for The OVer Company creating products for only mama+babe, to now creating items for the whole family, was completely organic. We have grown our brand from the ground up, starting in our home dining room. Now that the company is in it's 5th year of business, it is time we expand our line and bring the whole family modern sleepwear, designed by us, with our customers from all over the world in mind!

Who designed the Sleepover pieces??
All four of the new Sleepover pieces have been exclusively designed in house by founder Sabrina Maulucci, alongside one of the most reputable garment designers in Canada. The patterns were made with versatility, practicality and ultimate comfort in mind. It was a year long process of sampling, product testing and perfecting the patterns and details to be ideal for baby, big kid, mama and dad!

What about the design process??
All Sleepover pieces have an intentional design created based on feedback from real families. You will find the Sleepover pieces to be practical and versatile, with The OVer Company's mission statement still true to "making the everyday life of the modern family easier".

The Sleepover pieces are produced mainly with bamboo material, which is one of the most sustainable fibres on the planet. The environment is important to us and so are you! The blend of bamboo material alongside our intentionally designed pieces, make these the perfect sleepwear staples for your family's wardrobe. The anti-bacterial and temperature regulating properties make bamboo the ultimate fabric for sleepwear, not to mention the buttery soft touch we all love!

Our prints have been designed so your family can choose fully matching sleepwear or modern coordinating pieces that fit each person's unique style!

Is Sleepover made in Canada??
Great question! Since there is an extremely long process of safety testing for children’s sleepwear, among so many other reasons, we have sourced an incredible Canadian owned team in Taiwan to produce the Sleepover collection. They are able to do the lengthy safety testing to ensure all of the pieces are safe for everyone. This manufacturing factory is ethical and environmentally friendly in their processes, which was important to us in finding production. Our production partners value their team members and compensate wages 15% above industry average, as well as having a leadership team that is made up of 80% women. They respect both their team members and the environment. Using recycled water, rainwater and renewable wind energy in their processes, sets them apart. We knew working with this team was the right choice for our company, and by choosing this route, we are able to bring our customers endless options of quality pieces that are eco-friendly in their production from start to finish. There are production facilities here in Canada that we looked into, that are not being run ethically or with environmental integrity. Both of which are important to our brand. Made in Canada doesn’t always mean ethically made. The best option for The OVer Company and our Sleepover Collection exclusively, these factors played an important role in choosing our production partners: being manufactured within a facility that holds the same values as our brand, upholding incredible quality and safety testing, and allowing the creative freedom we needed to design and perfect the details of this line.

When is the expected shipping date of the Sleepover pre-ordered items??
We are anticipating the arrival of all Sleepover pieces to our London, ON warehouse end of September/early October. Shipping of our customer pre-orders will begin mid-late October. We will work as quick as we can behind the scenes to get everything out for our customer pre-orders. Because we are just as excited as you to get these amazing sleepwear pieces into your hands!! 

Limitations on how many orders you are taking during the pre-launch??
With us placing our final product order once pre-launch is complete, we won’t be limiting how many of each item is available. Pre-Launch ordering period will be limited to the 3 week order period only, ending June 5 11:59pm est. The more items you order, the bigger the discount you'll receive. Our hope with this pre-launch is to fund our initial production deposit which is quite significant.  

What if the size I chose won't fit myself or my child when the items are delivered in the fall?
Great question! We understand sometimes children grow at a different rate than expected, and every child is so unique! There will be a 2 week opportunity from September 1-15 to switch the size of your pre-ordered Sleepover pieces. If you realize the size ordered will no longer fit yourself or your child when the items are delivered in the fall (expected shipping is October 2020), this would be the time to make those changes. 
We will do our best to accommodate size changes on a first come first served basis, based on extra inventory availability.
All Sleepover size request changes can be made by emailing Sleepover@theover.co with your order number, item you'd like to switch and preferred size. These requests will be responded to September 1-15 in order of what request came in first. 

What about your exchange policy if the size I chose doesn't fit the way I like after receiving my order??
We've got you. We completely understand that purchasing apparel online is tough, and sometimes the sizes and styles chosen don't fit the way you'd like it in person! If you receive a Sleepover item in the fall that doesn't fit quite right, we will do our best to accommodate an exchange of size or print. Alternatively a credit can be put towards another item, or saved for a future purchase. Due to the nature of the pre-launch campaign, refunds will not be offered. We stand by the quality of our products, and want you to absolutely love your Sleepover purchase!