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Our Story

I am Sabrina Maulucci, founder and creative director of the OVer company. I am a mama of three beautiful children; Violet, Olive and Jasper and wife to my amazing husband Michael. Here is the story of how the original Canadian OVer came about!

The OVer company started because of a need I had back in the beginning of 2015. I had my second daughter at 32 weeks gestation and after our 5 week long stay in the NICU we brought our 5lb baby out of the hospital into the cold, germ filled outside world. That was when I realized I needed more than just the blanket I was using to keep my tiny baby protected from it all. Breathability was also very important to me since she had been on monitors for the first weeks of her life, it was now my job as mama to make sure she wasn't overheating and had proper airflow at all times. I got to work and created the first OVer which worked beautifully as the much needed car seat cover for sweet little Olive. I then realized the different ways this design could work for me! The OVer was the perfect nursing (or pumping) cover as well AND I could also use it when out shopping with my toddler as a shopping cart cover! The OVer became the one item I never left home without.

I have become passionate about making life easier for the everyday mama, and the OVers I have created do just that. There are SO many baby gadgets out there that it is so easy to fill the diaper bag with absolutely everything when going on a simple errand…an OVer is just ONE thing to bring with you that can be used in several different ways.

After months of requests to make the OVers for those around me, the OVer company was officially launched in October 2015 being the very first product of its kind within Canada! My husband Michael was really the one who persuaded me to turn this little hobby into a business and follow my creativity. My family means everything to me and I am so thankful for what the OVer company has become and how it has helped me step out of my 8 year corporate job to pursue my dreams as designer and boss mama. Working alongside my husband everyday and being able to spend time with my three children is so rewarding and I could not imagine life any other way.

I am proud to have all the OVers handmade in Ontario Canada and to be able to contribute to our community by creating jobs. Because of the impact the NICU had on our lives, the OVer company gives a portion of its proceeds to the London, Ontario NICU through the Children’s Health Foundation to ensure other infants and children are able to receive the best possible care.

-Sabrina (Founder)