Customer Reviews

When used as a nursing cover, I found that the OVer cover was not only stylish, but it covered myself and my little one completely. I didn’t feel as though half of my body was exposed, like with traditional cape-style covers. She likes to kick her feet while nursing and I often find myself constantly adjusting other covers. The OVer cover stretched around both of us completely and stayed where it was, allowing both of us to focus on feeding. The lightweight fabric breathed well, which helped to keep the temperature beneath the cover cool, as it often gets quite warm.
— Jennifer V
Shopping with the OVer has been a much easier experience. I no longer need to worry about carrying around a big enough blanket to cover the shopping cart seat. I simply use the OVer to cover the shopping cart seat and do not have to worry about the blanket or using baby wipes to clean the cart.
— Harmony
I was genuinely surprised when it came time to feed my son in a busy public place and he happily nursed away under the OVer! It’s light and breezy (not to mention super cute) so it didn’t get hot or stuffy for him while he ate. It’s a huge relief for me knowing that I can go out and not worry about where and how to feed my son. This will definitely be my new go-to car seat and nursing cover.
— Kristen
With this past winter being completely unpredictable in terms of weather, the cover was perfect to use to protect her from the elements. The OVer cover stretched over the car seat completely, leaving enough room in the opening for my arm to be able to carry the seat comfortably, while not leaving any large gaps for snow or rain to fall onto the baby. The cover used the frame of the car seat to ensure that the fabric was not resting on the baby’s face, leaving -lots of space for air to circulate.
— Jennifer
I have just placed an order and I can’t wait to use it! Thank you so much for an amazing product as well as the most awesome customer experience!! 5 stars and will be happy to promote!
— Treasure
I use the OVer most as a car seat cover and a shopping cart cover, and the design is so simple that it makes it really easy to pop it off of the car seat and into the shopping cart without any hassle at all. It’s also a thin, lightweight material so it’s really easy to throw into my purse/diaper bag without it taking up too much room. The price point is fantastic too, especially for a handmade, Canadian product! I feel like I’m getting a lot for my money with this product, and the quality of the material is excellent. Did I mention how beautiful the pattern and colour choices are, too? I love when a product is pretty AND practical! I definitely recommend this product!
— Magali
This OVer is awesome because you will use it for a long time and in other ways! It’s like saving money on three things by purchasing just one! I haven’t come across a product like this and would highly recommend it. The stretchy material is lovely and functional, it takes little space in my diaper bag and the patterns available are so adorable!
— Stephanie
Love, love, LOVE it! Made so well, adorable packaging and presentation. Exactly what I was looking and hoping for. Thank you!
— Joshlyn
Ok so within minutes of playing with the new cover I have to tell you how completely blown away I am. The versatility of the product is bar none, after four kids I’ve never seen anything on the market that is so useful for the dollar amount. As a breast feeding mom, I’ve never bothered with fancy covers because they simply do nothing more than a regular blanket properly placed. My biggest insecurity with feeding in public has always been my back coverage, this totally solves that!
— Sarah
My favourite part about the OVer is that after I have used it for all of various uses, then I can simply throw it in the washing machine and clean it very easily. The OVer has changed the way in which I get ready for my day because it eliminates the clutter in my diaper bag and provides the versatility that every mom needs.
— Harmony L
I just wanted to let you know how much I love my OVer! I get asked about it everywhere I go and happily let people know what it is and where I got it. This will be my go-to baby shower gift going forward as it is so useful and versatile! Great work!!!
— Erin