Olive Gioia - nodo hat

the OVer company


The OVer Company’s nodo hats are a newborn baby must-have as it is as stylish as it is practical. Made from our high quality natural cotton blend material, these nodo hats are buttery soft and have the perfect stretch. The nodo hats make the perfect gift when paired with our nodo gowns, Reversible Swaddles, Butter Blankets or coordinating OVer covers!

Size • NB (12 inch diameter) + 3M (14 inch diameter)

Set against solid black, the delicately hand-drawn, white olive branches where derived from the design found in The OVer Company logo. A stunning gender neutral option that easily transitions well throughout all seasons. The Olive print holds so much significance to The OVer Company and Michael and Sabrina’s NICU journey. What started as a need to protect their little preemie Olive Gioia upon release from the NICU, quickly evolved into what is now The OVer Company.

The original Olive Gioia print was released in 2017, when Olive turned 2 which lead to the launch of the ‘WE GIVE BACK’ campaign. Each Olive Gioia OVer purchased, The OVer Company gives an OVer multi-use cover, back to a Canadian NICU family being released from the hospital. The Olive Gioia print is a reminder of the reason behind why the company started, its growth over the years, and the importance behind our mission statement; which is to provide products that make life for the modern parent easier! 

Behind the Name:
Named after Michael and Sabrina’s own preemie Olive Gioia born at 32weeks gestation.

Pairs well with: Lane, Serene, Reed

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