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The Haven OVer was created because of our deep love for all things black, white and modern. We knew we wanted something fresh and fun for 2017 so we called on our good friend Brittanie Havens for some inspiration. Brit immediately knew what kind of print she would like to see for a new OVer and gave Sabrina a quick description. Sabrina had a sharpie in hand so grabbed a piece of paper and quickly sketched a "scallop" design and coloured it in with the marker. We all loved the way it looked. Simple, fun and imperfect.  We know this OVer will be a favourite for many!


The Haven OVer OVer is a soft, stretchy Cotton material in a beautiful hand drawn black and brilliant white scallop, designed exclusively by Sabrina Maulucci Designs for the OVer company.

This OVer can be used as an infant carseat cover, nursing cover with 360° coverage, shopping cart cover and more!

This OVer is perfect to help protect your baby from sun, cold wind, light rain, colder temperatures and also because of it's breathable material this OVer allows proper airflow to keep baby cool in warmer temperatures when used as an infant carseat cover.

ONE size fits most.

This OVer is recommended for all year round.

>>Fabric Contents<<

96% Cotton

4% Spandex

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