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Can’t wait to use them !!
"We have yet to use them since our little guy won’t be arriving till October, but we can’t wait !!! "
Lise G.
"We love our over cover. Great for trips to the grocery store so there's no one we don't want touching our newborn. "
Megan V.
Beautiful swaddle blanket
"My baby girl isn’t here yet but I just love the colors and material of this swaddle blanket. I can’t wait to use it on her. Definitely a good purchase :)"
Rebecca V.
better than Milk Snob
"I got gifted an OVer at my shower, and lost it about a month ago. I thought I could get away with buying a used one of a different brand to hold me over but it just wasnt the same. i love how sturdy yet stretchy the fabric is, yet still keeps my little one's carseat at a comfortable temperature. definitely keeping a closer eye on this one"
graciela h.
The perfect swaddle!
"Bought this for a friends baby shower! Everyone was commenting on how cute and soft it was! It’s the perfect gift! "
Erica L.
Amazing product
"SO GOOD. I recommended this to every new mother. Amazing quality and very fast shipping. Overall 100% happy with this. I even bought a second one!"
Karley U.
Comfiest swaddle blanket
"I bought the 30x30 swaddle blanket for my son after getting the archer 40x40! I love these swaddles so much and that they can act as a super nice and live blanket for my little guy as he grows up 😍 Amazing quality and customer service as always from OVer Co"
Laura A.
"This is my third OVer because well... you can’t have too many and they are so versatile! "
Carin M.
Never disappoints
"Love my OVers. Now have two and couldn’t live without them. Best multi-use product I own."
Neomie D.
Great product and swift delivery!
"Amazing. It’s our second one. We love our OVers."
Jennifer L.
Love It as a Car Seat Cover!
"I love my OVer as a car seat cover! It’s amazing for keeping the son off my 7 week old! I especially love it while out shopping or out where there are lots of people...stops random people from touching him so much with their dirty hands!! I do have a suggestion for your design though! I find it difficult to use with a young baby who can’t hold their head up yet and when mom and baby are still getting used to the whole breastfeeding in public thing! I actually don’t use it as a cover anymore because I find it difficult to see what I’m doing, especially if I need one hand on baby’s head and the other on my boob to help him latch! I’ve had to put my whole head inside the opening so that I can see to get set up! It would really help if there was a small wire or something bendable inside the material to help with this! I know I’ve seen a couple other moms with their entire heads in the cover too trying to get a new baby set up to feed! Just a suggestion though! From a new, still-learning mom & baby :) 💙"
Jennifer W.
Great car seat cover!
"I love the weight of the material - it's great for blocking out light when my 3 month old (finally) falls asleep in the car seat. We haven't gotten as much use as I would like as he is not a huge fan of the car seat, but I hope to use it more as he gets older and more tolerant of it. I worry that it's a bit warm on a very hot sunny day but i leave a bit open at the bottom for air flow. I might consider a darker one on next purchase to make it even better at creating a dark sleep space. My only concern is that it stains easily - I've had a hard time washing out stains that are usually easier to remove, even after a soak in some OxyClean. Not too fussed about it though. Thank you!"
Nava D.
"Absolutely love the two OVers I got! I recommend them to all my mamma friends & this has now become my go-to baby shower gift. Thanks guys for all you do in making these covers so awesome! "
Nicole S.
Happy Mama, Happy Baby
"We recently purchased the Scout's Key OVer! I had seen them on instagram, and several strollers at the park. I really wanted to one for sun protection, sleep encouragement and germ protection! I have been using it for about a week and am in love! The material is soft, stretches perfectly and it is so fun to play peek a boo with my 7 mos old! Recommend! Happy Mama and Happy Baby!"
Ashley I.
Love this product!
"I bought this a few months ago for my new baby girl. I have two older boys and have used muslin blankets to cover their car seats in the past or to cover me while nursing. They blow around with the wind and hands and feet moving while nursing so I thought I would try something different this time. Couldn’t be happier with this.. it has kept my daughter protected from the wind and sun and stays put. It looks put together and has stayed in great shape even after washing. I wasn’t planning on using it nursing but I have ended up using it for that countless times and it looks nice and stays in place keeping our privacy even when baby is a little fidgety. I feel very comfortable nursing anywhere with it. The soft pink colour has been perfect too. Just love it and so glad I purchased this."
Stephanie D.
Best nursing cover
"My OVer cover helps me feel confident to nurse in public! It gives me 360 degrees of coverage, and is stylish! Love that it is multipurposed! "
Kristin F.
Lincoln Swaddle
"We love our swaddle blanket! It is a must for every nap time! The material is so soft and cozy! Only thing I wished was it was able to go in the dryer - I have to time it right when washing it so we have it for bed time/nap time. Would highly recommend though! "
Katie S.
A must have for every new mom!
"Love our OVer covers - we have two of them now! Excellent quality and I love supporting local companies :)"
Jenessa B.
"Love it! Great quality and super cute! "
Alexis H.
Quality versatile product
"I love my OVer! I use it all the time to shield my babe from the elements and pop it on when we need to do a quick feed. I bought it from the factory sale knowing there would be imperfections, but I have yet to find anything wrong with it (maybe a tiny black dot on the white stripe?) Highly recommend for all new mums. "
Jessica R.
Love it!
"This is an amazing car seat cover. The material is high quality and fits the car seat just great! "
Lori C.
The Legacy Stripe OVer
"This was a baby shower gift, she loves it !!"
Marta B.
Number #1 baby gift
"I got one with my first baby, so I wanted to gift one to my sister when she had her new baby. She loves it and so do I!"
Lisa E.
Bought for a gift
"I bought this oVer for a gift! But I wish I had one when my daughter was a baby, definitely my go-to baby shower gift! "
Shannon J.
Love it
"It’s super awesome! Love the bigger option for when baby grows! Material is lovely and it’ll be long lasting worth the money :) "
Amanda R.
A must have for all mothers and babies!
"An invaluable and very practical must have baby accessory and it is always nice to patronize a local independent business. No more expensive than what is on sale at the big stores and of superior quality. With my last name being Parker how could I not be in luv with Parker Pink OVer!!!! "
Anthony P.
"We like it very much! It’s great!"
Jordan K.
great cover - cute & multipurpose!
"I love the plaid look and this cover is useful when it’s windy, chilly, sunny or even a little rainy. So great that we can also use it on a cart or high chair too now that my little guy is sitting up well. Nice to keep the germs a little at bay ! Great product "
Jessica H.
"LOVE LOVE LOVE this swaddle! So soft, and light perfect for even the hottest days for my little guy! Bought the 40x40 was well worth the extra $"
Laura A.
"We have used our over since day 1 with our daughter and plan to use with our second when the time comes! My daughter has a swaddle at home and at daycare! I highly recommend an over or a swaddle any day especially with young babies or toddlers :) "
Joanne C.